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london translation & Interpreting

EXCELLENT mother tongue translators and simultaneous interpreters in london


We can translate any document, file, article, news, press release, presentation, pitch, conference, film, book, etc, into most languages. A wealth of experience in media, film and television scripts, legal documents including police & court statements, new technology and websites, beauty products, commerce & business, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, advertising & marketing, technical translations, banking & financial, EU Law & policy-making, the Arts and current affairs.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is the highly skilled task of rendering one spoken language into another. It enables guests, clients, delegates, dealers and business partners, etc, to hear a speech at the same time as the speaker is talking. Therefore, it is particularly useful for conferences, presentations, pitches, business meetings and negotiations. The use of cutting-edge technology, including interpreting consoles and booths, is recommended, as it facilitates multilingual interpretation as well as enhancing the quality of the service.


Transcription is the writing down of recorded material including police interviews, presentations, and media raw footage. We can produce both the translation and time-recorded transcription of any recorded piece to be used in any media format, and we have already done so for clients which include the BBC. For production companies we can provide post production and distribution transcriptions in broadcaster formats. We can also write subtitles and press releases based on the transcription for foreign markets.

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter listens to the speaker and usually takes down notes. The speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to convey what he / she has just said. It does not involve the use of equipment, so it is often used in small business meetings and presentations, court proceedings and interviews.

Proof-reading & Editing

All the translations we do are proofread and edited in-house. We can improve any written text, as we not only look at the grammar, spelling and layout, but at the actual content and style, deleting the superfluous and adding what is required so that the text and the message you want to convey is more powerful.

Copywriting & Transcreation

The best translators are usually excellent writers. However, copywriting requires additional skills. It involves transforming any text to maximise its potential. It is a great tool used in advertising to enhance brand visibility.

Transcreation means adapting any form of communication into another language maintaining its style, tone and content but making sure cultural differences are not overlooked. Working with mother tongue writers, translators and copywriters we can guarantee your message reaches its target audience as intended, and in doing so ensure your company and product (s) stand out.

Film Subtitling

We can translate and subtitle films and documentaries and have done so for the BBC, Paramount Films, Universal Films and Spielberg´s DreamWorks, as well as for several UK and international production companies.

Remote Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

We can offer both consecutive, as well as simultaneous interpretation services on location and remotely. In other words, you can choose to have our interpreters assist you at your offices or your preferred location, or our interpreters can also work from our central London offices via web app-based platforms. We also work in partnership with one of the leading remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) companies based in Switzerland, thus we can provide simultaneous interpretation services remotely anywhere in the world.